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Put an end to the pain and frustration of disorganized, slow, and inefficient facility management.

Now, you can easily and quickly access all your subsurface utility information that GPRS has gathered with our digital map viewer. SiteMap is a customizable web-based system that grants users greater control over their facilities’ information.
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Your Entire Campus
Accurately Mapped
Digitally Stored
Easily Accessible
Logo for GIS software & mapping technology - SiteMap, powered by GPRS
  • View, edit, download, print and share site maps
  • View 3D interior models and perform walk-throughs

Logo for GIS software & mapping technology - SiteMap Plus, powered by GPRS
  • View, edit, download, print and share site maps
  • View 3D interior models and perform walk-throughs
  • View site infrastructure via augmented reality
  • Quantum GIS based viewing/editing/map composition
It's common for subsurface infrastructure data to be fragmented. One of the most challenging tasks for facility managers can be organizing facility data and artifacts.

The plans for a facility are rarely centralized and organized for easy access. Additionally, important information can be known to only a few individuals and may not even be written down anywhere. SiteMap collects all that information in a single location that can be accessed when you need it, easily updated, and shared.

Inboxes can become cluttered with attachments and files when trying to organize information for excavation work.
SiteMap is a collaborative tool that updates in real-time, which means you don’t have to wait to get your projects moving. Once GPRS finishes a project on-site, SiteMap allows near real-time access to GPRS location findings. With cloud-based technology, our clients can comment on, update, and upload pertinent details to communicate to their network more efficiently than ever before. SiteMap users can now share their infrastructure data internally or externally at the click of a button.

This is a collaboration platform for your subsurface utility information. Make that information available to whom you see fit to ensure your projects stay on time, on budget, and safe.

SiteMap enables users to manage and use their data in a way that suits their needs. Making the SiteMap system scalable is one way we accomplish this goal. The system can grow along with the user as more information becomes available. Our SiteMap system can export data that has been generated. The platform was designed with integration in mind. We’ve created outlets for our clients to take the information and utilize it with their platform of choice.


Drone & Aerial Imagery

Drone imagery is a great way to view up-to-date conditions of your campus with higher spatial resolution than typical satellite generated images. Existing drone imagery and can be added to your map or you can have it collected and uploaded by GPRS.

3d digital spatial information

This layer will allow you to digitize your building, automatically create 3D tours, create dollhouse views, create schematic floor plans, view structural reinforcement and utility layouts, and more. This can all be done from the comfort of your own office.

Concrete Slab ComponeNTs & thickness

Structural and utility components within concrete slabs are critical features to map and record prior to construction planning, coring, or saw cutting. SiteMap allows you to view concrete slabs via uploaded structural drawing or even 3D models and tours.

Underground Utility & Pipe INspection Data

Knowing the location of underground utilities is crucial in the planning phase and also in the construction phase. The sitemap system will allow you to view the current as-built position of site utilities as well as sewer and manhole video inspection data.

Underground Storage Tank Information (UST)

Sitemap is a great way to document the horizontal and vertical position of your site UST's. It will also store documentation like periodic testing or release detection equipment, and inspections of overfill and spill prevention equipment.

Subsurface Void Information

Information regarding the location of subsurface voids can often be discovered and mapped by GPRS. This information, stored in sitemap, can be critical when large machinery such as large cranes and concrete trucks are brought onto your site.